On social media a million and one different takes on what could have happened. We are being fed spin through the media that somehow it could all be a clever ploy all along.

Let’s just stick to facts. City’s behaviour during Project Big Picture indicates the opposite and that actually they were quite happy to jump into bed with the Glazers and Fenway Sports. There’s no moral high ground to claim here.

The owners should not have agreed to join a closed competition which would have killed domestic football. Fans were treated with contempt. The hurt was real.

This is one battle won but until City and other clubs can categorically say they will never attempt this again then a lot of things fundamentally wrong with football remain.

1894 were part of a number of supporters groups brought together through our membership of the FSA -and we have worked well together for years. Our combined experience helped here.

We’ve been on zoom calls with the government and the shadow cabinet. The long awaited review of football will finally take place. The pressure put on clubs by governments across Europe made an impact. Pressure put on governments by fans.

Long term strategies were in place. Demos, boycotts and more.

Ceferin the head of UEFA got in touch on Monday morning . The combined group including ourselves told him to sling it as we don’t support his expanded Champions League plans either.

Fans donated thousands to a banner against UEFA and we stuck our necks out to call out the instigators when we were told by the club they’d done nothing wrong regarding FFP. Yet the club jumped into bed with some of the very same people who were signing us up to this Super League.

We set up 1894 to try and improve the atmosphere at home games and if possible give fans an independent voice but a relationship with the club has to work on mutual respect.

Out displays and efforts to support the team clearly mean nothing to the board and many within 1894 will understandably take time now to consider whether they want to actually commit their time to this if , as we now know, they couldn’t care less.

We want the club to engage with the fans so we will do the same with our members over the next few weeks and see what kind of organisation they want.

Finally a quick mention for Kevin Parker from the OSC. That guy works tirelessly for City fans and hasn’t put a foot wrong in 20 years. We as a group also benefitted from his time , experience and level headed-ness.

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