Our Response to the Demise of the European Super League

This morning we met together to discuss the actions and subsequent reactions of our respective clubs regarding their so-called Super League. We are relieved and delighted that this ridiculous proposal is now dead but there is so much more we now need to do together. We also want to thank every other supporter group and all of the fans, from many clubs not just our own, for the amazing groundswell of campaigning we saw to deliver this initial success. We have shown that fans are the true custodians of the game. Building on the meeting yesterday when supporter group representatives met with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour Leader Keir Starmer to discuss the proposed Super League and a proposed governance review, which is being led by Tracey Crouch. This morning we agreed that now (more than ever) it is vital the supporter groups have the opportunity to shape this reform and that it covers the ownership issues the Prime Minister promised us it would. We know and understand the importance of this so will be requesting that an FSA working group is established immediately to coordinate work on this. We will also help all fans make their voice heard on this review. FIFA, UEFA, The English Premier League, the FA, politicians, broadcasting companies have told everyone this week how important supporter consultation is. Now is the time to act like you mean it. Engage with us. Do the right thing from this point onwards - overall governance, competition formats, ticket prices, allocations, kick off times. Everything should be on the table for discussion. We're fairly sure that this won't be the end of this murky episode. We would therefore humbly request that any disciplinary action or sanctions imposed by football's governing bodies be directed at the respective club's owners, rather than any action that would impact the team and supporters. It would be grossly unfair to penalise supporters for the mess that a greedy few have created. If nothing else, the past few days have shown how important unity is and that if we do all work together, great things can be achieved. Each of our respective groups will commence a Consultation process with our members to discuss the next steps at a local level and, through the FSA, we will seek to work closely with supporter groups from the other clubs in the Premier League and across the football pyramid to deliver the changes that will create a better game for everyone. Football is for everyone. The game belongs to the fans.

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