OSC and 1894

What a week it's been.

Saturday 24th April might have SEEN demonstrations outside the stadium from fans who were completely against the establishment of the European Super League and of City's participation in that.

The very fact that Manchester City are now regarded as being at "the top table" shows how far we have come under the owners.

In reply to the apology sent out to everyone this week, both the Official Supporters Club and 1894 have asked the club to meet Ferran Soriano to talk about a range of issues , including passing on our members' concern over the expansion of the UEFA Champions League from its' present format (which also includes guaranteed places for clubs based on historical performance). This is something which could damage domestic football including the Premiership and the League Cup , with an extra number of games being scheduled in the calendar from 2024. The fans across Europe don't want it, the players across Europe don't want it and we are both already working with other supporter groups across Europe to put pressure on Uefa to go back to the drawing board over this.

In recent years and notably this week, the OSC and 1894 have worked very closely together to represent the interests of their members. Although we sometimes campaign for different things and have a different structure to our organisations, it's been proved once again that City fans have their strongest voice when the supporters organisations act together and the fan base is together behind them. Many members of the OSC are in 1894 and vice versa.

Another thing we agree on is that there's a need for City to reach out to fans in a genuine way. Our requests for discussions is their first opportunity to show they really do care.

The league cup is up for grabs this weekend. It would be a shame if this competition which City fans thoroughly enjoy was to disappear from the calendar.

To have your voice heard join your local branch of the OSC or join 1894

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